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14045 Deoxygenizing & Polishing Enzyme

14045 Deoxygenizing & Polishing Enzyme

Short Description:

14045 is mainly composed of complex proteinase. It is a complex of deoxygenizing enzyme and neutral cellulase.

It can be added before fixing process, which can achieve deoxygenizing, polishing and dyeing in one bath, which saves time, water and energy and obviously decreases production cost.

Under near neutral condition, it not only has the function of decomposing hydrogen peroxide, but also has excellent polishing effect on fabrics of cellulose fiber.

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Features & Benefits

  1. Stable in alkali. Can make polishing finishing under pH value of 6~9. Extremely little damage to fabrics strength.
  2. Achieves oxygen bleaching and washing process and bio-polishing process in one bath. Achieves oxygen bleaching and washing process, bio-polishing process and reactive dyeing process in one bath.
  3. Saves water, time and energy. Saves more than 20~30% of comprehensive cost.


Typical Properties

Appearance: Brown transparent liquid
Ionicity: Nonionic
pH value: 6.0±1.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Application: Cellulose fibers, etc.



120kg plastic barrel, IBC tank & customized package available for selection


★ Pretreatment auxiliary products can improve the fabric capillary effect and whiteness, etc. We provide pretreatment auxiliaries which suitable for all kinds of equipment and fabrics.

Include: Degreasing Agent, Scouring Agent, Wetting Agent (Penetrating Agent), Chelating Agent, Hydrogen Peroxide Activator, Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer and Enzyme, etc.



What is the development history of your company?

A: We are involved in textile dyeing and finishing industry for long time.

In 1987, we founded the first dyeing factory, mainly for cotton fabrics. And in 1993, we founded the second dyeing factory, mainly for chemical fiber fabrics.

In 1996, we founded textile chemical auxiliaries company and began to research, develop and manufacture textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries.

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