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Scouring & Degreasing Agent is used to remove impurities, dirt, residual sizing agent in natural fibers (cotton, wool, flax, silk) or to remove the spinning oil and sizing agent, etc. in synthetic fibers. Synthetic Fiber Auxiliaries, Nylon Moisture Wicking Agent , Nylon Aromatic Agent , Cellulose Fiber Auxiliary Agent ,Nylon Silicone Oil Nylon Softener . Anti-static agent can impart fabrics the functions of soil release, dust free and moisture absorption, etc. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Niger, Belize,Dominica, Lyon.High Concentration & Low Foaming Wetting Agent 11026 is nonionic transparent liquid. It can significantly decrease the surface tension of solution and improve the permeability of solution. It is suitable for pretreatment process, dyeing process and finishing process, etc. for various kinds of fabrics. High Concentration & Low Foaming Wetting Agent 11026 is eco-friendly and highly stable. It can be used together with various kinds of surfactants. Wetting Agent 11026 has outstanding wetting and emulsifying function.

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