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24085 Whitening Powder (Suitable for cotton)

24085 Whitening Powder (Suitable for cotton)

Short Description:

24085 is mainly composed of diphenylethyl compounds.

Fibers absorbing Whitening Agent 24085 can absorb UV-light and then turn it into purple blue visible light and transmit it. That will improve whiteness of fabrics.

It is suitable for whitening and brightening for fabrics and yarns of cellulosic fibers, as cotton, flax, viscose fiber, Modal wool and silk, etc. and their blends.

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Features & Benefits

  1. Suitable to use in bleaching and whitening process in same bath.
  2. High whiteness and strong fluorescence.
  3. Wide range of dyeing temperature.
  4. Stable performance in hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Strong property of high temperature yellowing resistance.
  6. A small dosage can achieve excellent effects.


Typical Properties

Appearance: Kelly green powder
Ionicity: Anionic
pH value: 8.0±1.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Application: Cellulosic fibers, as cotton, flax, viscose fiber, Modal wool and silk, etc. and their blends



120kg plastic barrel, IBC tank & customized package available for selection




Object of finishing

The object of finishing is to improve the attractiveness and/or serviceability of fabric.

There is a wide variation of techniques among different fabrics and different production units. In fact, many of them are trade secrets; that is why many details have not been published. There are actually very few published works available except about functional finishes, for which specific chemicals serve specific functions.

The variations of finishing depend on the following factors:

1. The type of fiber and its arrangement in yarn and fabric

2. The physical properties of fibers such as swelling capacity and behavior when pressure or friction is applied

3. The capacity of fibers to absorb chemicals.

4. The susceptibility of the materials to chemical modification.

5. The most important factor, the desirable properties of the material during its use

If the inherent property of the material is excellent, such as luster of silk, little finishing is necessary. The materials made of worsted yarn require less finishing than those made of woollen yarn. The materials prepared from cotton need a variety of finishing techniques, as it has diversified uses.

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