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Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary

Abstract: Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. We have continuously forged ahead and strived forward for 20 years.

 Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Chemical Agent

Time flies and 20 years passed quickly. In 1996, Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established. With previous experience in textile dyeing and finishing industry and relevant market information, our company concentrated on researching and developing products. We have gradually expanded our scale. Our comprehensive strength, popularities and professional ability have been continuously improved. With persistent efforts, GIFC became a model enterprise in the industry. However, this 20-year journey was also arduous. Our company experienced fretfulness, struggle and hesitation. But on the way forward, GIFC always strived to become better and stronger. At every critical moment, GIFC could break new ground and had perfect transformation.

1996 ~ 2006 was the first decade of development of GIFC. At the beginning of the establishment, our company focused on product development and technology improvement, and tried hard to obtain customers and occupy the market by quality. We were hardheaded and kept stable development. In 2004, GIFC invested and built a new production base covering an area of about 27,000 square meters, which was to expand production to meet market demand. Our company ushered in a new dawn!

Then GIFC entered the second decade. However, from 2007 to 2009 was the global financial crisis. That was a tough time. Many enterprises were deeply influenced. Nevertheless, Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. overcame all kinds of difficulties, adjusted the company’s policy in time and adopted coping strategies to survive from the crisis. Then our company made it clear to take “Quality creates value. Technology assures service” as the operation philosophy, which greatly stimulated the positivity and creativity of all staff. Our whole company made concerned efforts, dared to innovate and kept developing constantly.

20 years with ups and downs record the history and inherit the future. With the development of economy, the domestic and international business of Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has grown by leaps and bounds. And customers’ demand presents a diversified and personalized trend. We will stand on a bigger stage to face new challenges and start another new beginning. We will look forward to the future and create more splendid decades!

Post time: Jun-03-2016