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47810 Hydrophilic Antibacterial Softener

47810 Hydrophilic Antibacterial Softener

Short Description:

47810 is the latest silicone quaternary ammonium salt softener.

The silicone structure can combine with fibers to have crosslinking and modification on the surface of fiber, which can impart fabrics excellent and durable washability and antibacterial property, hydrophilicity and soft, smooth and fluffy hand feeling.

It is suitable for fabrics of cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber and their blends, etc.

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Features & Benefits

  1. Excellent antibacterial effect. Can meet FZ/T 73023-2006 standard AAA level requirements Keeps effectiveness after washing 50 times).
  2. Excellent stability.
  3. Excellent deodorant effect and mildew-proof effect.
  4. Can keep and improve the hydrophilicity of fabrics. Hydrophilic performance can be up to 1~3s.
  5. Imparts fabrics soft, smooth, fluffy and exquisite hand feeling.
  6. Safe for using and easy for mending.


Typical Properties

Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid
Ionicity: Cationic
pH value: 6.0±1.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Content: 53~55%
Application: Cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber and their blends, etc.



120kg plastic barrel, IBC tank & customized package available for selection


Finishing agents are applied for improving hand feeling and performance of fabrics.

Include: Hydrophilic Finishing Agent, Softener, Anti-Bacterial Finishing Agent, Anti-Yellowing Agent, Anti-Oxidation Agent, Whitening Agent, Anti-Wrinkling Agent, Anti-Pilling Agent, Anti-Static Agent, Napping Agent, Weighting Agent, Stiffening Agent, Flame Retardant, Water-Proofing Agent and other unique handle finishing agent, etc.



1. What are the differences among your products in the industry?

A: We have a lot of auxiliaries that are customized according to different equipment of different customers. Comparing with other products in the market, our products are with better equipment pertinence, stability and application feature specificity.


2. What is your production process?

A: Our production process is as following:

47810 Hydrophilic Antibacterial Softener

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