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23203 Whitening Powder (Suitable for nylon)

23203 Whitening Powder (Suitable for nylon)

Short Description:

23203 is mainly composed of diphenylethyl compounds.

Fibers absorbing Whitening Agent 23203 can absorb UV-light and then turn it into purple blue visible light and transmit it. That will improve whiteness of fabrics.

It is suitable for whitening and brightening for fabrics and yarns of nylon, wool, silk and their blends, etc.

Product Detail

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Features & Benefits

  1. Has strong affinity for nylon, wool and silk.
  2. Excellent performance of improving whiteness and brightness.
  3. Excellent leveling performance in padding dyeing process and washing whitening process.
  4. Good property of acid resistance and high temperature yellowing.


Typical Properties

Appearance: Kelly green granule
Ionicity: Anionic
pH value: 6.0±1.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Application: Nylon, wool, silk and their blends, etc.



50kg cardboard drum & customized package available for selection


Cooperation procedures:

Contact us to get price, sample and application instruction Sample test feedback Product technical adjustment if needed and resend sample for testing Bulk order negotiation


Finishing agents are applied for improving hand feeling and performance of fabrics.

Include: Hydrophilic Finishing Agent, Softener, Anti-Bacterial Finishing Agent, Anti-Yellowing Agent, Anti-Oxidation Agent, Whitening Agent, Anti-Wrinkling Agent, Anti-Pilling Agent, Anti-Static Agent, Napping Agent, Weighting Agent, Stiffening Agent, Flame Retardant, Water-Proofing Agent and other unique handle finishing agent, etc.



1. What is the category of your products?

A: Our products include pretreatment auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, finishing agents, silicone oil, silicone softener and other functional auxiliaries, which are suitable for all kinds of fabrics, as cotton, flax, wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic fiber, viscose fiber, spandex, Modal and Lycra, etc.


2. How does your factory do regarding QC (quality control)?

A: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality control from the beginning to the end.

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