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10036 Moisture Wicking Agent

10036 Moisture Wicking Agent

Short Description:

10036 is a polyester polyether silicone copolymer.

At high temperature, it can merge with polyester fiber block to improve property of fiber surface and improve the hydrophilicity and hand feeling.

It can be applied in the moisture wicking finishing and antistatic finishing process, which imparts fabrics excellent and durable hydrophilicity and antistatic property and soft and fluffy hand feeling.

Product Detail

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Features & Benefits

  1. Contains no APEO or formaldehyde, etc. Fits environmental protection requirements.
  2. Obviously improves the hydrophilicity and moisture wicking performance of polyester fibers.
  3. Obviously decreases static electricity on polyester fibers.
  4. Can make fibers be removed stains easily.
  5. Excellent washability. Keeps excellent performance after washing 20 times.


Typical Properties

Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid
Ionicity: Nonionic
pH value: 5.0±1.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Content: 20%
Application: Polyester fibers, etc.



120kg plastic barrel, IBC tank & customized package available for selection


Finishing agents are applied for improving hand feeling and performance of fabrics.

Include: Hydrophilic Finishing Agent, Softener, Anti-Bacterial Finishing Agent, Anti-Yellowing Agent, Anti-Oxidation Agent, Whitening Agent, Anti-Wrinkling Agent, Anti-Pilling Agent, Anti-Static Agent, Napping Agent, Weighting Agent, Stiffening Agent, Flame Retardant, Water-Proofing Agent and other unique handle finishing agent, etc.



1. What kind of certifications have you passed?

A: We have obtained the certification of National High-tech Enterprise and ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification. Also we have gained some invention patens. And our products have passed the international certification, as ECO PASSPORT, GOTS, OEKO-TEX 100 and ZDHC, etc.


2. What are your plans of new product launch?

A: Generally our process is as following:


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