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New-type Regenerated Cellulose Fiber—-Taly Fiber

What is Taly fiber?

Taly fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber with excellent properties that is produced by American Taly Company. It not only has excellent hygroscopicity and wearing comfort as the traditional cellulose fiber, but also has the unique function of natural self-cleaning and the oil stain resistant property. The fabric  processed with it is soft. Comparing with silk fabric, it is more lustrous. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, stable size, bright in color and good drapability, etc. Blended fabrics of Taly fiber with all kinds of fibers are rich in variety. They are not only cool for wearing, but also they are no need to wash with detergent or bleaching agent after wore. Oil stains can be washed off only in clean water. Comparing with other fibers, TaIy fiber has high functionality, good air permeability, unique resilience and strong strength. So it is widely applied in textile and garment industry.


The Performance and Characteristic of Taly Fiber

1.Taly fiber is a kind of new-type cellulose fiber. It is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber with excellent properties that is made of 100% pure white pine pulp and processed by the similar manufacturing technique to Tencel fiber.

2.The cross section of Taly fiber is circular or nearly elliptic with zigzag shape. Its surface and inner layer have different structural characteristics. The surface structure is more tight and smooth. The inner layer structure is looser with more interspaces.

3.On the longitudinal surface of Taly fiber, there are grooves of different depths and a few small protrusions. Due to this kind of structure, there are many interspaces in the inner structure of yarns and fabrics, which is beneficial to improve the moisture absorption and air permeability of fabrics.

4.Taly fiber has the same crystal system structure as Tencel fiber, Richcel fiber and Modal fiber, etc. It belongs to monoclinic system.

5.Taly fiber belongs to regenerated cellulose fiber. Large molecules contain plenty of hydrophilic groups. It has high moisture regain, better hygroscopicity, faster moisture adsorption rate, strong capillary effect and good air permeability. The surface of the fiber can stay dry to ensure the comfortable wearability of clothing.

6.The mass specific resistance of Taly fiber is comparable to that of Tencel fiber, higher than Modal fiber and lower than Richcel fiber. Taly fiber surface has a certain friction coefficient. There is good cohesive force between fibers. So it is not easy to generate static electricity during spinning. It has excellent spinnability.

7.Taly fiber has good dyeing  performance. The same dyes used for viscose fiber can be used for Taly fiber. It has bright dyeing color and good color fastness. The dye-uptake is high. It is not easy to fade. And the stability is good. The chromatogram is complete. It can be dyed and processed into various kinds of colors.

8.Taly fiber has better performance than viscose fiber. And it has its own unique advantages, such as soft hand feeling, downy luster and silky tough. The processed silk-like products by it have strong silky sense and downy luster. They are plump, exquisite, smooth, dry, soft and elegant.

9.Taly fiber has good heat resistance and thermal stability. It is alkali resistant but not acid resistant. And it has outstanding sun resistance and anti-ultraviolet ability. In addition, it also has excellent resistance to fungus, worms and dirt.

Taly Fiber

Application and Product Development of Taly Fiber

For the good performance of Taly fiber, it can process knitted products, such as thermal underwear and T-shirts, etc., and woven fabrics, such as high-grade shirt fabric and women’s high-grade clothing, etc.

1.Knitted fabrics

Taly fiber can be blended with Texcel fiber, Modal fiber, aloe fiber, bamboo-charcoal modified polyester, bamboo-charcoal modified viscose fiber, zein fiber and pearl fiber, etc. The developed products have novel and unique style and smooth and dry hand feeling. And Taly fiber can also blended with flax, apocynum, ramie, wool and cashmere, etc. The developed products have good moisture absorption and air permeability, sumptuous and elegant appearance and good wearability.

2.Silk-like fabrics

Taly fiber can be interwoven with real silk, polyester filament, viscose filament, polypropylene filament, nylon filament, pupa protein-viscose filament, soybean protein filament, pearl fiber filament and aloe viscose filament, etc. to develop various kinds of silk-like products with good performance.

3.High-grade underwear

Taly fiber can be used to process women’s underwear, bras and women’s casual wear, etc. These products have soft luster, clear pattern, soft touch, good elasticity, moisture absorption and antibacterial, deodorant and bactericidal effects. They have better comfort and skin compatibility.


Taly fiber is a new-type functional fiber. It has excellent properties of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. It can be used to develop various kinds of high-end costumes with noble and elegant appearance, good dimensional stability, good drapability and good wearability. It has good moisture adsorption and air permeability. And it has the technology content of wearing performance and high additional value.

Taly fiber is a kind of new-type high-tech product. It represents the developing direction of a new generation of regenerated cellulose fiber. It has no side effects in humans, which conforms to the modern consumer psychology of advocating nature and returning to nature. It has great potential for product development. It is highly appreciated by consumers.

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