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In 2020, Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. captured a land of more than 47,000 square meters.

Textile auxiliaries land

In November, 2022, we began to build the second production base to expand production scale and increase production capacity, so as to fully satisfy market demand and enterprise development.

Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical second production base

Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. will continue to provide domestic and overseas customers with high-quality products and professional service and technical support.

Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical new factory

Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has been committed to studying, developing and manufacturing various kinds of textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, especially silicone finishing agents (as silicone softener and silicone oil), including:

Hydrophilic Silicone Oil

Block Silicone Oil

Acrylic Fiber Silicone Oil

Fluffy Silicone Oil

Mercerizing Silicone Oil

Smooth And Dry Silicone Oil

High Concentration Silicone Oil

Smooth Silicone Oil

Super Soft Silicone Oil

Deepening And Brightening Silicone Oil

Dust-Free Silicone Oil


Guangdong Innovative Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. silicone finishing agents have good stability and excellent effect. They are suitable for cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic fiber, wool, viscose fiber and their blends, etc. Silicone softener and silicone oil can impart fabrics durable hydrophilicity and anti-static, anti-pilling, soft, stiff, smooth, dry, fluffy and plump properties.

Also we can provide customers with customized silicone finishing agents according to actual requirements.

Post time: Nov-04-2022