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Application of Silicone Oil in Textile

Textile fiber materials are usually rough and hard after weaving. And the processing performance, wearing comfort and various performances of garments are all relatively bad. So it needs to have surface modification on fabrics to impart fabrics excellent soft, smooth, dry, elastic, anti-wrinkling using performance.

For the unique Si-O-Si main chain structure, silicone oil has good leveling property, which can well spread and penetrate on the surface of fiber fabric and fill up the convex and concave points and burrs on the fiber surface to make a smooth fabric surface. At the same time, because the bond energy, bond length and bond angle of Si-O-Si bond are big and its rotational free energy is low, after it is attached to the fiber, it will impart fiber excellent soft performance, which further improve the handle and wearing comfort of fiber fabric. By modifying various functional groups of organic silicone oil, it can also further ensure the soft and smooth performance and meanwhile bring the fiber fabric more rich application performance.

Silicone oil fabric

Today’s silicone oil of textile finishing agent is from the original hydroxyl silicone oil and containing hydrogen silicone oil to the current third generation amino polyether modified block silicone oil. The application and processing properties of fabric have also been greatly improved. There appear more functional fabrics, such as hydrophilic silicone oil finishing agent, anti-yellowing silicone oil finishing agent, stiff and smooth silicone oil finishing agent and elastic silicone oil finishing agent, etc. With the continuous change of consumers’ requirements for wearing performance of garments, the further improvement of the quality of life requirements, the continuous emergence of new fiber materials, printing and dyeing enterprises’ adjustment and improvement of various fabric processing technology and the higher requirements of national environmental protection and safety, the application and improvement of silicone oil in textile finishing agent will continue to develop and produce more and better functional products.

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Post time: Jun-13-2022