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About Deepening Agent

What is deepening agent?Deepening agent is a kind of auxiliary that is used for fabrics of polyester and cotton, etc. to improve the surface dyeing depth.

 1.The principle of fabric deepening

For some dyed or printed fabrics, if light reflection and diffusion on their surface is strong, the amount of light getting into the fiber is less and there will have selective absorption. So the coloring efficiency of dyes (or pigments) is low and the dyeing depth is poor, which is not easy to obtain dark color effect. To improve the color depth of dyeing products, firstly it needs to reduce their ability to reflect or scatter light to make more visible light get into the fiber. After the dyes have selective absorption, the color depth will be increased.

Dark blue fabric

2,Three methods of fabric deepening

(1)   Add auxiliary  into dyeing to improve the dye-uptake of dyes or slightly change the structure of the dyes to make a dark effect.

(2)   Use physical methods, such as low temperature plasma etching or chemical methods to change the surface state of the fiber, then the fiber surface becomes rough and the reflectivity of light is changed, so as to achieve the effect of improving surface dyeing depth.

(3)   Coat on the fiber surface with a suitable thickness of low refractive index film such as resin or silicone auxiliaries to improve the apparent color depth of dyed fabrics.

Deepening fabric

3.The classification of deepening agent

At present, the deepening agent used in finishing process are more commonly used in the market.

According to different components, generally they are divided into silicone deepening agents and non-silicone deepening agents. Both of their principles are to form an even low refractive index film on the surface of dyed fabrics and correspondingly decrease the refractive index of dyed fabrics, so that the apparent color depth of fabrics will be improved.

According to different color shades and functions, deepening agents can also be divided into blue shade deepening agent, red shade deepening agent and hydrophilic deepening agent, etc.

4.Recommended products:

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Silicone Softener 80728 (Soft, Deepening & Brightening)

Product Description

It can be applied in the softening and deepening process for various kinds of fabrics of cotton, Lycra, viscose fiber, polyester, nylon, silk and wool, etc., which makes the fabrics soft and smooth. Also it has deepening and brightening effect on dark color fabrics.

 Features & Benefits

1.    Stable in high temperature, acid, alkali and electrolyte.

2.    Imparts fabrics soft, smooth, elastic and plump hand feeling.

3.    Excellent deepening and brightening effect. Effectively improves dyeing depth and saves dyes, especially dark blue, dark black and disperse black color, etc.

80728 Softening agent

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