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22506 Multifunctional Leveling Agent (For polyester fiber)

22506 Multifunctional Leveling Agent (For polyester fiber)

Short Description:

22506 is a compound of various kinds of surfactants.

It is a multifunctional product that includes chelating, penetrating, degreasing and leveling.

It can be applied for scouring and dyeing one bath process for fabrics of polyester.

It is suitable for polyester fiber fabrics.

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Features & Benefits

  1. Contains no phosphorus or APEO, etc. Fits environmental protection requirements.
  2. Excellent effect of emulsifying, dispersing and degreasing under acid condition. No need to add degreasing agent when dyeing.
  3. Excellent retarding property for disperse dyes. No need to add high temperature leveling agent when dyeing.
  4. Excellent dispersity. Can disperse the sediments on the inner wall of dyeing machine and avoid them gathering again on fabrics.
  5. Suitable for various kinds of equipment, especially jet overflow dyeing machine.


Typical Properties

Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid
Ionicity: Anionic/ Nonionic
pH value: 3.5±1.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Content: 28%
Application: Polyester fibers



120kg plastic barrel, IBC tank & customized package available for selection




Sulphur dyes

Sulphur dyes are used for dyeing deep muted shades and offer good wet fastness and moderate to good light-fastness. These dyes are very complex in structure and for the main part are unknown; the majority are prepared by thionation of various aromatic intermediates. The first commercial sulphur dye marketed as Cachou de Laval (C.I. Sulphur Brown 1) 6 was prepared by Croissant and Bretonnière in 1873 by heating organic refuse with sodium sulphide or polysulphide. However Vidal obtained the first dye in this class from intermediates of known structure in 1893.

According to the Colour Index sulphur dyes can be divided into four groups: C.I. Sulphur dyes (water-insoluble), C.I. Leuco Sulphur dyes (water soluble), C.I. Solubilised Sulphur dyes (highly water-soluble) and C.I. Condense Sulphur dyes (now obsolete).

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