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22095 High Concentration Acid Leveling Agent (For nylon)

22095 High Concentration Acid Leveling Agent (For nylon)

Short Description:

22095 is a compound of various kinds of surfactant.

In the initial dyeing stage, it can combine with fibers first to inhibit the dyeing. As temperature increases, dyes will slowly dye on fibers, which can achieve the leveling effect.

It is suitable for nylon fibers dyed by acid dyes.

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Features & Benefits

  1. Excellent solubilizing property and dispersity for acid dyes.
  2. Suitable for most ordinary colors. Has excellent reproducibility and high first-pass rate of dyeing.
  3. Reduces uneven dyeing. Fabrics are dyed evenly with pure and bright color shade.
  4. Can improve the dyeing problem, as dyeing streaks, etc. caused by weaving or structural differences of fiber.


Typical Properties

Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid
Ionicity: Anionic/ Nonionic
pH value: 9.0±1.0 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Content: 61%
Application: Nylon fibers



120kg plastic barrel, IBC tank & customized package available for selection


We have built an independent three-storey laboratory. In the technical service and R&D team, there are more than five experts or professors, who have devoted in the dyeing and printing industry more than ten years.


Dyeing auxiliary products can improve leveling effect and dye-uptake, etc. We provide dyeing auxiliaries which can be applied in different kinds of dyeing machines. Include: Leveling Agent, Anti-migration Agent, Fixing Agent, Dispersing Agent, Soaping Agent, Reserving Agent, Dyeing Buffer Alkali and Dyeing Mordant, etc.



1. What is the development history of your company?

A: We are involved in textile dyeing and finishing industry for long time. 

In 1987, we founded the first dyeing factory, mainly for cotton fabrics. And in 1993, we founded the second dyeing factory, mainly for chemical fiber fabrics.

In 1996, we founded textile chemical auxiliaries company and began to research, develop and manufacture textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries.

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