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21076 Dyeing Buffer Alkali

21076 Dyeing Buffer Alkali

Short Description:

21076 is a complex of multiple alkali agents.

It can replace sodium carbonate in traditional dyeing process of reactive dyes with 1/6~1/8 dosage.

It has excellent buffering effect on pH value and excellent fixing effect in reactive dyeing.

It can make simultaneous dyeing and fixing.

Product Detail

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Features & Benefits

  1. Excellent buffering effect on pH value. Can avoid uneven dyeing or fiber damage caused by too fast adding alkali. Improves product quality.
  2. Easy for washing. Can prevent alkali spots.
  3. Low COD of dyeing raffinate. Reduces wastewater treatment and environment pollution.
  4. Easy for using. Cost-effective.


Typical Properties

Appearance: White granule
Ionicity: Nonionic
pH value: 12.5±0.5 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: Soluble in water
Application: Various kinds of fabics



120kg plastic barrel, IBC tank & customized package available for selection


Dyeing auxiliary products can improve leveling effect and dye-uptake, etc. We provide dyeing auxiliaries which can be applied in different kinds of dyeing machines. Include: Leveling Agent, Anti-migration Agent, Fixing Agent, Dispersing Agent, Soaping Agent, Reserving Agent, Dyeing Buffer Alkali and Dyeing Mordant, etc.



1. How is the scale of your company? What is the annual output value?

A: We have a modern production base covering an area of about 27,000 square meters. And in 2020, we have captured a land of 47,000 square meters and we plan to build a new production base.

At present, our annual output value is 23000 tons. And following we will expand production.


2. What is your accepted payment term?

A: Our payment term includes Trade Assurance (Credit card/ Money Gram/ Paypal), T/T and L/C, etc.


3. What is the total production capacity of your company?

A: It is 1000tons per month.

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