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  • What Is Salt Shrinking?

    What Is Salt Shrinking?

    Salt shrinking is mainly applied in textile processing, which is a finishing method. Definition of Salt Shrinking When treated in hot concentrated solution of neutral salts such as calcium nitrate and calcium chloride, etc., there will occur the phenomenon of swelling and shrinkage.   Salt Shrin...
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  • The Terms Commonly Used in Textile Fabric Style

    The Terms Commonly Used in Textile Fabric Style

    1.Stiffness When you touch the fabric, it is stiff hand feeling, such as the handle of high-density fabric made of elastic fiber and yarns. To impart fabric stiffness, we can choose coarse fiber to increase fiber modulus and improve yarn tightness and weaving density.   2.Softness It is the soft,...
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  • Parameters of Yarn

    Parameters of Yarn

    1.The thickness of yarn The common method to express the thickness of yarn is the count, number and denier. The conversion coefficient of count and number is 590.5. For example, cotton of 32 counts is showed as C32S. Polyester of 150 deniers is showed as T150D.   2.The shape of yarn Is it single ...
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  • Alginate Fiber —- One of Bio-based Chemical Fibers

    Alginate Fiber —- One of Bio-based Chemical Fibers

    Alginate fiber is an eco-friendly, nontoxic, flame retardant and degradable biotic regenerated fiber with good biocompatibility and rich source of raw material. Properties of Alginate Fiber 1.Physical property: Pure alginate fiber is white. Its surface is smooth and glossy. It has soft handle. T...
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  • The Dimensional Stability to Washing of Textiles & Garments

    The Dimensional Stability to Washing of Textiles & Garments

    The dimensional stability to washing will directly influences the stability of clothing shape and beauty of clothing, thus influences the use and wearing effect of garments. Dimensional stability to washing is an important quality index of garments.   Definition of Dimensional Stability to Washin...
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  • The Material of Sweater

    The Material of Sweater

    The composition of sweater is divided into: pure cotton, chemical fiber, wool and cashmere.   Cotton Sweater Cotton sweater is soft and warm. It has better moisture absorption and softness, of which the moisture content is 8~10%. Cotton is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, which will not ...
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  • What Is Snowflake Velvet?

    What Is Snowflake Velvet?

    Snowflake velvet is also called snow velvet, cashmere and Orlon, etc., which is soft, light, warm, corrosion-resistant and light-resistant. It is made by wet spinning or dry spinning. It is short-staple like wool. Its density is smaller than that of wool, which is called artificial wool. It is d...
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  • Do You Know What Basolan Wool Is?

    Do You Know What Basolan Wool Is?

    Do you know what Basolan wool is? It is very interesting that Basolan is not the name of a sheep, but is a process for treating wool. It is made of high-count merino wool and processed by German BASF technology. It is to passivate the wool cuticle and eliminate the itchiness of wool cuticle, whic...
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  • The Antistatic Technology of Fabric

    The Antistatic Technology of Fabric

    The Principle of Antistatic Electricity It is to treat fiber surface by antistatic treatment to reduce electrical charge and accelerate charge leakage or neutralize the generated static charge.   Influencing Factors 1.Moisture absorption of fiber Fiber with better hydrophilicity will absorb more ...
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  • Textile Fabric

    靛蓝青年布:Indigo Chambray 人棉布植绒:Rayon Cloth Flocking PVC 植绒:PVC Flocking 针织布植绒:Knitting Cloth Flocking 珠粒绒:Claimond Veins 倒毛:Down Pile Making 平绒:Velveteen (Velvet-Plain) 仿麂皮:Micro Suede 牛仔皮植绒:Jeans Flocking 尼丝纺:Nylon Taffeta (Nylon Shioze) 尼龙塔夫泡泡纱:...
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  • What Is Peach Skin Fabric?

    What Is Peach Skin Fabric?

    Peach skin fabric in fact is a new type thin nap fabric. It is developed from synthetic suede. Because it is not processed by polyurethane wet process, it is softer. The surface of the fabric is covered with a layer of short and exquisite fluff. The handle and the appearance both are like peach p...
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  • What Is Sea-island Filament?

    What Is Sea-island Filament?

    Production Process of Sea-island Filament Sea-island filament is a kind of high-end fabric that is blended with silk and alginate fiber. It is a kind of silk fabric made from shellfish such as sea mussels, freshwater mussels and abalone, which is extracted and processed through chemical and physi...
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